Manned by our enthusiastic operatives, the Stores and Warehousing departments are pivotal support functions for the business keeping the parts supply mechanism running.


Housing a vast array of both critical parts and food-service equipment for immediate dispatch around the clock. An impressive 90,000 sq ft industry leading operation is divided into the following functions:


- Goods In

- Storage

- Order Processing

- Dispatch


Goods In is the receiving function ensuring that all packages are checked for correct description and quantity before being booked into our Management Information System.


The storage function ensures that all parts and equipment are help on up-to-the-minute inventory for total stock control.


Orders are electronically submitted via the Call Centre whereby tour computer-aided inventory system processes requests through the Order Processing department generating the pick lists.


Once the items are picked and moved to the dispatch area they are sorted out according to their destination for onward delivery via the transport and distribution functions.


Finally, parts and equipment are then shipped to the relevant engineer or directly to the supermarket utilising either our own logistics team or the ByBox system.