The Miller’s Vanguard Planned Preventative Maintenance & Technical Hygienic Deep Clean service model has been recognised as best industry practice.


Our expert Scheduled Maintenance Service combines a Technical Hygienic Deep Clean with an exhaustive Planned Preventive Maintenance  programme to keep devices performing safely and efficiently and prevent faults and failures before they happen.


This service helps to ensure health and safety compliance, reduced fire risks and enhanced product quality; while also reducing costly production downtime.


The Technical Hygienic Deep Clean is performed by an electrically competent technician who is able to safely dismantle your devices to access all areas for thorough steam cleaning. A pre-agreed number of components will also be exchanged with ones that have been intensely cleaned in a caustic bath off site.


Miller’s Vanguard provides live and on going asset tagging of devices for all its customers and captures condition data from each device as part of the PPM visit.


All Planned Preventive Maintenance and Technical Hygienic Deep Clean work is completed using our innovative Service Box Trailer which contains all chemicals, tools and replacement parts required in a single, secure mobile unit. Once the unit has been unloaded our vans can be parked away from the store to keep delivery bays clear.


Miller's Vanguards renowned expert scheduled maintenance and technical hygienic deep clean both reduces risk and ensures the highest compliance for all customers.


With regards to risk mitigation this scheduled service delivers the following hard benefits:


  • EHO / H&S Compliance
  • Reduced insurance liabilities and exposures
  •  Limits fire risk
  • Mitigates electrocution hazards
  • Guarantees the highest quality of food product
  • Significantly lessens the risk of food product contamination
  • Minimises device infestation events such as fungal, insects and rodent


In addition to the above the hygienic Deep Clean and PPM regime also delivers:


  • Reduced device 'downtime'
  • Increased device energy efficiency
  • Enhances staff morale
  • Heightens PR & customer perception

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