Controlled through the Call Centre, our National Reactive Engineering force represents the very best electro-mechanical  expertise across the UK. Fully supported with the latest in-vehicle and tablet technologies, the Miller's engineer is the pinnacle of food-service support.


Based from home a 'typical' Reactive Engineer covers all the supermarket stores within a 30-mile radius and is often viewed as a hero when solving stores problems.


As you would expect from Miller's Vanguard our Engineers are supplied with smart uniforms whilst driving the latest Mercedes vans. Each van is fully stocked and replenished via a tablet computer through to the Management Information System. Each Engineer is assigned to a regional Field Operations Manager (FOM) to whom they report.


As an engineers experience and skills grow they make their way through our pay grading structure supported by various in-house training courses. We actively engage in developing innovative engineers to become integral members of our high-performance team.


Being part of our multi-disciplined foodservice engineer team, responsible for supermarket bakery and catering areas, working quickly and reliably under pressure will become second nature.


Each of our FOMs has a team of around 30 engineers in his region offering them support and guidance whilst encouraging them to develop new skills and constantly build on their knowledge.


Accompanying the management of their region, FOMs play a crucial role in both direct customer liaison at store level and auditing engineers performance. With a large team of fully trained engineering professionals, our FOMs guarantee the highest level of service and support is consistently delivered.


With a unique way of setting our vision Millers developed its own in-house apprenticeship scheme to create the next generation of food service Engineers.