Millers Vanguard is compliant with the requirements of ISO OHSAS and believes that good Health and Safety management is morally and commercially imperative. It underpins Millers Vanguard values and is one of our fundamental business objectives.


The entire Health and Safety management system is underpinned and controlled through the dedicated full time Millers Vanguard Head of HR and HSEQ professional who constantly inspects, audits and reviews our systems to ensure the highest level of safety standards are met.


Working across a very diverse range of often large and complex equipment Health and Safety is a key consideration within Millers to protect employees, and customers and those that may be affected by our undertakings.


Millers Vanguard has in place extensive risk controls all of which are regularly reviewed internally and scrutinised externally by pre-qualification contractor assessment organisations, customers, regulatory bodies (such as our Safe Contractor accreditation and Gas Safe registration) and other specialists to ensure compliance to all the latest prevailing statute, codes of practice and advisory notes with regard to UK Health and Safety requirements.

Our Health and Safety Management System sits within the overarching organisations safety culture.  In addition, with engineers visiting our bespoke Training Centre here in Bury every day of the year for both refresher and new equipment training we also ensure all of our employees are delivered with the latest updates with regards to all aspects of safety management relevant to their particular sphere of work activities.


As Millers Vanguard works predominantly in the Electro/Mechanical realm particular emphasis is placed upon electrical safety risk controls. With a large team of fully trained engineering professionals nationwide our customers are guaranteed the highest level of service and support delivered with safety management as the prime objective.

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