Supporting all our customers is our state-of-the-art National Reuse Facility, which houses a vast array of new and recycled foodservice devices.

The impressive workshop is manned by a team of highly skilled engineers.


Our factory operatives provide industry leading rebuild and refurbishment operations, providing tangible savings with exhaustive quality checks in order to guarantee that rebuilt equipment is reliable and efficient. A further benefit of this model is that stores can continue to trade seamlessly through replacement devices or loan devices whilst equipment is uplifted for repair.


The re-manufacturing process begins with a total strip-down of machines to component level in our caustic cleaning area then through to the shot blasters and finished in our dedicated powder coating plant.


Miller's also has dedicated electricians and machinist on hand to support the factory process coupled with our own internal PCB (Printed Circuit Board) refurbishment department supplying both the workshop and field engineering.


Ultimately all machines are soak-tested, electrically checked/certified, mechanically inspected and packed with all corresponding instructions and technical manuals.



To close the waste management route, this mature facility boasts the highest environmental standards for recycling from reworked equipment, component repairs, parts reclamation to shipping of non-UK compliant devices for safe disposal.

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