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Bury – Ukraine Urgent Aid Delivered

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As the conflict continues to escalate in Ukraine, millions of children and their families are in danger and fleeing to Poland to escape their war-torn country. At Miller’s Vanguard we just couldn’t sit back and do nothing.

After searching for the best way to help we came upon the local charity ‘Focus 4 Hope’; they have been tirelessly collecting donations of essential supplies to send to Poland but were challenged with transporting the aid across the boarder. This is where Miller’s Vanguard stepped in to help!

On Monday 14th March 2022, 5 Miller’s Vanguard Sprinter vans and 10 employee volunteers set off on the none-stop journey to Suwalki, Poland, a small town to the North of Poland which had been taking in Ukrainian refugees but was overlooked for donations as they were not close enough to the boarder.

Each van was was full to the brim transporting donations which range from bedding, clothing, nappies, sanitary products, toothpaste, shampoo, babies formula to tents.

On Monday at 9.30am, 250+ employees of Miller’s Vanguard and members of the Bury community will lined the streets of Rochdale Old Road with Ukraine flags to ‘wave off’ those embarking on this epic journey and to show their support to Ukraine.

This was a 3200 mile round trip  from Bury through to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and then onto the Northern Polish border. 

On the return leg of the journey the teams faced a big set back, as they arrived early morning at Calais and boarded the ferry expecting to return back to the UK, they were ushered back off the P&O ferry being told that there would be no ferries travelleing that day. The team had to quickly find an alternative route back through the Euro Tunnel.

After 4 days of non-stop travelling they finally arrived back into Bury to be greated by rows of Miller’s Employees and the Bury community once again to thank them for their incredible achievement.